Please book specific hardware in advance, as those devices may be in use if you are not specific.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is the backbone of the high end Virtual Reality industry. Emerging on top after 2 years on the market, the Vive is generally considered to be the best overall virtual reality experience, although many other devices have certain advantages. We have 4 HTC Vive setups in our main room.


Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is the result of a successful kickstarter that perhaps launched the new wave of Virtual Reality development. Now that the touch controllers have hit the market, the Rift is a very comparable experience to the Vive, who have funded the development of a few very high quality exclusive games. The Oculus rift is also very light weight. We have 2 Oculus Rifts, currently setup in the back Oculus room. These can play in the same multiplayer games with the vives, for parties looking to do groups of 6. 


The MSI VR One is a backpack PC that has the power of a full desktop computer that can power the Vive with 2 hot swappable batteries. This allows for huge mobility for temporary setup at events and workshops. We have two of these, both are included in our catering package.


Racing Wheel

The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel is the top of the line model complete with a gear shifter and clutch pedal. For use in racing sims such as Project CARS and Dirt Rally, the G27 has a powerful motor that delivers convincing force feedback.



The ProtubeVR shoulder stock is an excellent way to play shooter games. Designed specifically for the HTC Vive, these stocks make your in game assault rifle steady as you take down terrorists


For flight simulation, the Saitek x52 Joystick delivers true six degrees of freedom control. This works with War Thunder & Elite:Dangerous

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